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Cyber & Business Continuity Crisis Management Readiness

We believe you don't really know if something works until you try it and so there is no better way to measure your readiness to meet a crisis then simulating it.

We specialize in planning a tailor-made exercise that will genuinely challenge the trainees doing so by taking the time to know the organizations and it's potentially weak spots.

Our proven tools and methods ensure the identification of insufficient mechanisms to overcome a crisis with minimum damage to the organization and it's reputation.


Meaningful exercise that challenges the organization and unveils weak spots


Top down

our exercises includes all levels of an organization starting with the board of directors going through the organization's different levels of management and until the employees themselves. That way, we believe, we can reveal the most significant Irregularities and deficiencies.

We believe the same is true for industry or government sector and hence our exercises there include the relevant minister, his senior official and parallel heads state organizations. 


Senior management exercise

review the decision-making procedure in the organization and optimize it with clear methodology with the appropriate adjustments to each organization.


Action items for future steps

building a workplan derived from the exercise findings and observations, prioritized to achieve the most substantial impact on the organization readiness. 

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