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Critical Infrastructure

One-stop-shop for ensuring business continuity of critical infrastructures while complying with different levels of business continuity requirements.


We define the requirements, deliver high and low-level designs, review plans, supervise the implementation and perform acceptance test on behalf of our customer.

​Our extensive and unparalleled experience in this domain includes buildings and compounds of the Israeli government and the IDF which require a high level of operational continuity to face a variety of threats


Defining requirements

State the appropriate requirements for various contractors to meet the continuity standard for the building


Design, Inspection and approval

we work closely with all the designers and contractors to examine and approve plans in all disciplines and ensure their adherence to the defined continuity standards


Construction supervisory

We oversee the constructions throughout the project and make sure all the approved plans are put into practice as intended in terms of operational continuity.


Perform acceptance tests

to finally deliver a building in the initially defined continuity level to the costumer


Readiness development and certification

In the final stages of the project, we bring the infrastructure and its Personnel to full operational capability (FOC) and declare them as EVEN DANAN  certified to the satisfaction of our client.


Maintain readiness

Understanding that readiness is temporal and the challenges are dynamic, especially in the cyber domain but not only, we form a work plan to maintain readiness for the crew and the infrastructure and execute it.


End to end

from requirements to delivery


Proven results and unparalleled experience

conceiving IDF's operational continuity standard and implementing it in numerous compounds with the highest continuity requirements. 

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