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Business continuity & cyber solutions for organizations

We perform a comprehensive assessment of the organization's processes and construct a plan and implement it so they will meet the business continuity requirement asked by the organization, regulation or stakeholders.

We identify the core procedures, map them in terms of technology and Personnel, pinpoint the weak spots and single points of failure, preform risk assessment to determine which gap to close first and where to invest resources and then, if needed, see through the implementation of the solutions.
Needless to say, that in today's world, almost all business processes relays heavily on the organization's IT infrastructure that must be protected accordingly with the suitable cyber security apparatus.


Proven methodology

our work process is our way of thinking on business continuity. we have implanted it in a variety of industries with far apart process characteristics.


Process analysis approach

instead of thinking in terms of protecting systems, we focus our analysis in protecting and ensuring the continuity of business process. 
 the participating organizations, the committee choose to look at what "needs to be done" and the supporting processes. That way, we were able to focus on israel's best interests


Holistic approach - delete

Cyber and continuity risk assessment on business processes 


Planning ahead 

Prioritized workplan based on risk assessment insights

I strongly recommend EVEN DANAN services to any organization who aims to improve its resilience against threats, specifically in the field of cybersecurity but not only, and is willing to engage in a meaningful and thorough process to that end

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