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Business Continuity Risk Assessment

Comprehensive assessment of the organization's processes, assets, major threats and mitigation alternatives


We identify the core processes, map them in terms of technology and Personnel, pinpoint the weak spots and single points of failure, perform a risk assessment procedure to determine which gap to close first and where to invest resources and then, if needed, see through the implementation of the solutions.


Needless to say, that in today's world, almost all business processes rely heavily on the organization's IT infrastructure that must be protected accordingly with the suitable cyber security apparatus.


Proven methodology

Our work process is our way of thinking on business continuity. we have implanted it in a variety of industries with far apart process characteristics.


Process analysis approach

Instead of thinking in terms of protecting systems, we focus our analysis on protecting and ensuring the continuity of business processes and assets.


Planning ahead

Following the assessment, arise the need to address the findings in a detailed work plan. Together with our client, we construct the plan and help prioritize it's items to ensure effective advancement

INCD & SII Certified

Even Danan is among the first companies certified to conduct surveys on the chain of supply companies on behalf of Isreal National Cyber Directorate (INCD) & the Standards Institute Of Israel (SII)


GDPR Compliance

While not a threat to business continuity, the new regulation by the EU is nonetheless an aspect which requires consideration while examining the organization, particularly in the field of cybersecurity

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