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Finance Cyber & Continuity Center (FC3)

Conceived by Even Danan, the FC3 is a joint venture of the Ministry of Finance and the Israel National Cyber Directorate

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The company initiated, characterized and established, in cooperation with the Israeli National Cyber Security Authority and Ministry of Finance, a unique center that reduces cyber and continuity risks within the financial sector using intelligence sharing, IR and situation assessment.


The center serves the banks, stock exchange, insurance and the supply chain companies.


Gateway to national capabilities

Harnessing the national capabilities to provide assistance to civilian companies. The FC3 provides, through the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD), a mechanism facilitating communication between Israel defense forces and intelligence agencies through which they can share dedicated information that may help the financial sector defend itself


Trusted Information sharing

The most valuable, relevant and credible information for an organization in regards to cyber threats is the one coming from a neighbor organization in the same ecosystem. Therefore, the existence of a trusted third party that can receive information from one organization, verify, and enrich it and then anonymize and distribute it, is a much-desired function within any ecosystem. This is exactly one of the FC3 roles in the Israeli financial sector.



The FC3 functions as a focal point and often times the initiator of organization and sector-wide exercises in the realm of cyber and business continuity as it provides, on a daily basis, a "go-to" body for incident handling and assistance as well as liaison to other agencies and a coordinator between organizations. 


Free of charge and Voluntary base

Membership in the center for Israeli financial organization is free and engagement with the center's activity, including information sharing, is voluntary and is not a regulatory obligation for the organizations.

The FC3 become a model for other sectorial centers in the Israel national CERT as different ministry's officials come to learn from as what has been done here as well as international delegations

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