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Drugs line launching - Teva Global

In an effort to ensure a successful launching of one of their new drugs, Fremanezumab, Teva Pharmaceutical opted to perform comprehensive risk management for the launching process.


Our company provided this service which begun in defining the process's business objectives. The next steps were a detailed process analysis and identification of possible threats. knowing those we proceeded to implement our risk assessment procedure and from its insights compiled a prioritized list of needed actions to lower the risks. 

Fremanezumab and Austedo are two of Teva Global's leading new drugs. These breakthrough products hold a large portion of the company's business plans for the next decade. Hence, the process of their launching must be impeccable.

Teve has entrusted Even Danan with the task of ensuring successful and timely launching of the new drugs and their first-year flawless supply.


Successful final result

Both drugs were launched successfully after a thorough process of analyzing the production, marketing and distributing phases of the drug's lifecycle in the USA, South Korea, Germany Israel and others.


Wide range of aspects

Our work included reviewing risks in the fields of operation, marketing, legal, cyber, safety, regulation and more as well as full risk management for all relevant suppliers. 


International working group

A successful launch required the establishment of international working group as a part of a process that ensures risks minimization.

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