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National Financial Situation Room

A forum of decision makers headed by the Minister of Finance, designed to be assembled in times of major crisis to steer the financial sector

In a time of crisis in the financial system, originated by a cyber-attack, war situation or other threats materializing, arise the need for a "war room" of a sort. This forum, comprised of decision-makers, will be getting all the relevant information and instructing the relevant factors on how to address the situation.

We laid the groundwork for the gathering of this forum and in February 2019 held a comprehensive exercise simulating such incident. The exercise was participated by all ranking members of the government financial bodies and representative CEO's of a leading bank, investment and insurance companies.


Adequate preparation

Formulating the concept, tools and framework to efficiently manage a national level financial crisis initiated by cyber event or otherwise


From cyber incident to financial crisis

Major cyber and continuity disruption may entail financial repercussion


Cross-sector coordination

Coordination between all relevant entities to address a major incident - private companies, governmental units and defence agencies


Structured flow of information

The correct and practiced flow of information from all parties to senior officials and back, to assist informed decision-making process and appropriate  execution

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